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City's Most Reputable Company

As one of India’s most established brands and a hospitality market leader, METALINDIA ELECTROPLATERS presents a calibre of products synonymous with over 30 years of experience in both metal finishing and export.
Showcasing a selection of modern, classic, casual and elegant designs, METALINDIA ELECTROPLATERS offers a range of products that is timeless, iconic and innovative.
METALINDIA ELECTROPLATERS is a company specializing in the marketing and distribution of  products for kitchenware , tableware , engineering items , furniture  and etc. 
Offering consistency and a long product lifecycle, METALINDIA ELECTROPLATERS is also committed to introducing new styles and designs perfectly suited to the latest trends in food , decor  and dining presentation.
Committed to maintaining its reputation for high quality and reliability, METALINDIA ELECTROPLATERS products are beautifully crafted and perfect for their purpose.
Our uniqueness stands on ensuring a steady flow of attractive new models every year with a styling and creativity that enjoy immense popularity on professional, retail and airline channels all around the world.
Our strict quality analysis procedure at every step of our production, guaranties that our products will reach each and every end-user in a perfect and reliable condition.
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Our Services

Gold Plating

Gold/Silver Two Tone Plating

Gold/SS Two Tone Plating

Silver Plating

Engineering Products Plating